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 I decided to change Shaff's name to Xelous
The night that defined their relationship forever by ShaffCloud
The night that defined their relationship forever
~ Legends ~ 

Somewhere in Eden it's night, in a forest by a mountain side storming with rain and lightning.

Two voices can be heard by a camp fire ~

~ Dawn, remember the day we met?

~ Yea, we were on a mountain path just like this. I was on the way to Malstrom and you, you were being attacked by the guardian spirit that protected the area.

~ You saved me that night

~ I remember, you told me you had escaped from somewhere with barely your life

~ I asked you why you were on that path

~ Xelous, you know I don't like talking about this... We have searched together for a long time for the warlord that killed my father and destroyed my home

# Dawn smiles

~ Xel, you know I'm happy right? I have been for many summer harvests.
Spending them with you and Jade, I fell my feelings have grown. I can finally say, Xel I lo..v..

# Xelous interrupts with tears in this eyes,he shouts

~ It was me!
 Dawn it was me, I remembered last summer. The memory came back to me as a curse...

~ No, Xel stop talking. Listen to me

~ I can't, I have to tell you. I looked different back then, always angry... I looked more like a dark elf then, instead of the half blood I am.

# Dawn tears up

~ I had long black hair, I inherited my fathers legacy - The Howling Moon - we killed many kingdoms, fathers, mothers and children...
I'm the one, the war lord your looking for. I killed him with these very hands, your father

# She hugs him, only they can truly understand the bond that has grown between them both

~ Listen to me, we have both grown since then I feel. I know what kind of elf you are, more purity then any light elf, passion more then any dark elf. It's not a curse.

~ Dawn listen, we have to go our separate ways tonight...

~ Why?

~ It might not have sunk in yet, You need time to think about it

~ But!?

~ If you still want revenge, come find me and I will give you your fight.

# Xelous pulls himself out of Dawns embrace slowly, she tries but fails to hold on to him. Both in tears, Xel wipes his face and walks into the darkness of the forest

~ If you decide to come for my life Dawn you will have it, I promise.
# As Xel walks off too far for Dawn to hear

~ I know Xel, your life has been mine for a long time. Baka, I love you

# Dawn gets up and walks in the opposite direction

~ End ~
Ultima Guyver by ShaffCloud
Ultima Guyver
A son of Chronos, to finally have the power of a Guyver.
Unknown to the Chronos Elite he works in the shadows to help his mother achieve her goals within the empire.

Having this unit from a young age, this is no ordinary unit for it is a UltimaGuyver. In its first form as powerful as a Zoalord is to a Zoanoid is this UltimaG, not entirely sure what the issue is with the Guyvers he chooses not to get involved, not with all the in fighting going on amongst the Elite 12
So, this year i will try to be more active and hopefully gather more interest in my work.

If you have any questions get in touch Xx


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Shafiqul Chowdhury
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United Kingdom
I'm 31yrs old, I've been drawing since i was a child. I loved colours from a early age.

I draw all my own work and a few fan arts from Animes which i love. Like most artists i creat my best work when i'm in the most pain...


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